14 Apr 12 at 4 am

Kill Bill - The Bride VS. Gogo and The Crazy 88’s

"The Green Hornet Theme"
Al Hirt
Kill Bill, Vol. 1
(1949) plays

Okay so this is probably one of the more crazy dreams I’ve had this month.

It’s been quite awhile since I woke up so let me try to remember everything.

So I guess apparently in my dream I had been at some wealthy person’s mansion party. Perhaps it was my family’s, but I’m not too sure.

I remember there being a lot of people. Coversing, drinking wine, wearing high-class clothes.

Something in my dream had made me sad but I’m not sure what. One of the people at the mansion party was talking to me about Thom Yorke. Apparently Thom wasn’t the nicest dude and was kind of rude at the party. Somehow I was near Thom and a random band member. Definitely not any guys from radiohead but from another band. If I remember which I’ll fix this later. But I definitely remember his face. Thom had said something very cocky and disrespectful. And the guy who was with him kind of told Thom to be quiet and it wasn’t cool what he was saying.

Yeah I guess Thom was playing as a musical guest lol. So after I heard my friend say those things I was kinda like, “meh okay”.

Later I found myself in a room with a very large window with the shine beaming in. I was standing near the window sill, when all of a sudden Thom walked in. haha I was pretty much star struck but I had to keep my cool.

He kinda waltz right in like he was mr. hot shot. As he came up to the window I think I said something along the lines of “I love your music” and “hey Thom!” something like that. His reaction, ” >:O ” haha. He seemed irritated. Yet I was in that room first lol. I guess after this it had made me very sad. To the point I broke down in to tears. After all Thom is my idol, in my dream and in real life. So I walked out in tears in to the party passing everyone. Someone saw me crying and asked what was wrong but I kept on walking.

From there the dream switched locations. Now I was walking in some huge ass library room with really nice furniture. As I looked to my right there were a few people sitting still on throne like chairs. Very creepily sitting still with their mouths open. One dude looked like the Asian dude from the avett brothers.

I was walking in with my brother and his gf and some crew of mine. I guess I was an assassin or a hero. Something like that. We walked in and passed the creepy statue like bad guys. As we walked inside another room the people that were still got up and started to head for us. In a split second I saw a samurai sword in it’s casing. White and gold. I jolted for it like a motha fucking ninja!

Picked that mother fucker up and slid that sword out soo quickly like nobody’s business. I leaped into the air, power leap! Like 10 feet in the air. And did some crazy “Kill Bill/Uma Thurman” kinda scene in my dream. Slicing and dicing. I messed up one of the dudes really bad.

I guess we were on a rescue mission. As my brother and his gf and the other good guys were fighting off the bad guys I ran looking for the “girl”.

She was standing by some random store isles. I know right? It looked like all hell broke loose on the shelves. Shit pouring outta containers, things every where on the ground. I picked her up and put her in a random shopping cart that already had shit in it. It was blue. Yeah folks, we were obviously at walmart! The girl was actress, Bailee Madison. Soo cute haha. She’s the little girl who was in the recent Adam Sandler movie and she was also in Bridge To Terabithia and played the daughter in the movie, Brothers.

Anyways after I put her in the shopping cart I was making our way out to safety. I assured her everything was gonna be okay and we’d be making it out soon. We were laughing at all the stops and swerving we had to make around some aisles. Apparently people were still shopping. We came to a chain link barricade so we had to turn left and head to the front entrance super fast! 

Finally we had made it out! It was night time and I was waiting for our ride. To my left I saw my brother and his gf screeching toward us in their car, kinda making a sharp left turn. As soon as they got to us. I flung open the door and reached for the girl to pull her out of the shopping cart. As soon as I pulled her out is when I woke up.

What a crazy fucking dream. I love dreams haha.